Five reasons to be glad you’re older.

Decided to start this blog with my five reasons, this morning, to be glad I’m older… maybe they’ll inspire you to have your own list..

  1. I can’t see the dust on top of anything, and I’m not climbing up to look.
  2. I’m less afraid of being disliked. Oddly, this probably makes me more likable, since I’m more consistantly genuine. And if not, too bad. 😉
  3. As a young person, I thought I was the center of the universe. As a Mom, I sort of am.
  4. There are more clothes in my size at Goodwill.
  5. Life still surprises me, mostly in a good way, and I’m more compassionate. Even to myself.

Have a lovely weekend.              

And feel more than free to add items from your own list in the comments.


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