Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I just needed to stop and say thank you to Steve Jobs.

My first husband was a multi-variate statistician and psychologist who was part of the original design team for IBM’s ‘personal computer’. He was a big believer in the architecture of the PC, and therefore we weren’t “Apple people.” (This is way before Microsoft. My husband built computers by hand.)

However, he also died young, taken by Cancer.

I am immeasurably grateful to the empire Steve Jobs built, the Mac I’m using now, the ipods, ipod touches, iphones and Pixar movies that inform, entertain, and connect my family.

My thoughts are with his family. 😦


6 thoughts on “Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  1. He touched more people than he probably ever guessed; so many of us, who never knew him personally, but who feel acute sadness at losing him. He created tech to bring us together, and now his passing brings us together in grief.

  2. I knew him — not Mr. Jobs, but Mr. Bennett, the first husband. He too touched many lives, mine not the least. I did not know about his work on the IBM PC here in Florida. He was rather modest after all. Were he alive today, I suspect he’d be running Linux on a network of salvaged PCs factoring big integers or optimizing inventory for a certain food co-op.

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