I gave Ms. Thang a Regency Romance

I like them, so sue me. There are millions of them and they worry about their bonnets and whether they’ll be approved to dance the waltz. It’s minor.
So I gave one to little herself, because she reads so fast I’m constantly trying to keep her out of material that is seriously too adult for me to explain to an 8 year old.
She finished and reported back.
“Are they all like this?” she demanded.
“Like what? Didn’t you like the ending?”
“No. She folded and agreed to marry Joce.”
“Well, what would have been a better ending?”
“She should have turned him down and gone back to Yorkshire. Maybe she’d meet someone else there, but that’s what she should have done, anyway.”
Me, feebly. “But she’d been in love with Joce since she was a child.”

My daughter fixed me with a stern gaze, complete with ironic eyebrow.
“But he’d been a jerk to her.”

Yes, ma’am.


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