I put together a slide show

about my daughter Tegan’s (considerable) contributions to her community during high school.


This picture is from the first year.

She made goodies for the Open House.


This picture is from this summer.


4th of July, 2012


One thought on “I put together a slide show

  1. Last night in Charlotte, as President Obama ascended the
    stage to offer his acceptance speech, I noticed a woman who
    looked very much like the young lady Tegan pictured here.
    Might it be her mom, whom Google reveals to be a delegate
    from Delaware? I was watching on PBS. The cameras panned the
    applauding crowd, briefly showing a woman holding a camera
    to her face to capture this moment. The camera was like
    those old 35 mm SLR cameras, the kind with a protruding
    lens. “Hey, I know her!”, I exclaimed to my stepmother. “Did
    you see that red headed woman?” She didn’t, but as a
    reformed Republican (like our former Governor, Charlie
    Crist), she’s voting for Obama this time.

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