About me, and this Blog.

This is a blog about families… mostly mine, so I thought I’d introduce us.

I’m Brooke. In this household, I’m the Mom. (Steve is the Dad.)


I’m mom to Drumlin, 22, Tegan, 16, Rowan (almost) 14, Tiernan, 11, and Leannan, 8.



I homeschool with them. Notice the ‘with’.

I’m (kind of) the eldest in my family, and Steve is the eldest in his. I’ll get to the (kind of) in a bit. We feel more responsibility than is technically ours.

Kind of, defined.

I grew up with one little sister. I’m sure we’ll talk about her. (She’s swell.) However, I did NOT  grow up with my father’s daughter from a previous marriage, but I’m Facebook friends with her now. (She’s swell, too.) I also acquired 3 sibs when my father remarried after my mom died. (1 sister, Facebook, you know the drill; she’s swell). Now, to the inlaws. Steve is eldest of 5, one single. I was widowed young (we’ll get to that, sometime, I’m sure.) and he was one of 4. All married at least once.

So that gives me, more or less, 1 full sib(and her husband), one half sib (and her husband) 8 sets of brother/sister in-laws, (plus one single aunt) and 3 sets of step brother/sister in laws. And their children.

And 5 kids. Family is important to me. But this is only MY story, and my point of view. Anyone I mention will have a different one.

Anyone I don’t mention will have a different point of view also, I suppose. lol

So, come along. I plan here to mostly talk about homeschooling, daily kid stuff, and as many vacations as I can arrange to take. I have fun with it… hope you do, too. 🙂



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