A Little Story from my trip to the Smoky Mountains.

I was determined to send postcards, because getting postcards is the most awesome thing in the Universe and probably adds up to 42 in some complicated numerological way.

Therefore, when I went to Forbidden Caverns (north of Sevierville Tennessee) I purchased some, which I wrote, there in the parking lot. The only thing that remained was to get to a postoffice, WHICH, since it was a weekday and the Republicans haven’t completely finished gutting essential government services yet, was open. I even did that. Yay, me.

Stalactite forming, Forbidden Caverns, Tennessee

When I came in there was a fellow talking to the clerk, accompanied by two tiny little blond boys, the elder of whom was doing the “potty dance.”

Elder, in this case, being, like, 3 years old. I alerted Dad and tried to distract them, talking about the Cars movie, until they went out and I purchased my stamps and mailed my cards.

When I came out into the lobby he was still there, and the older boy was crying, holding himself.

By God, he hadn’t peed yet, though. SUCH courage.

i asked Dad if I could take him out to water a bush. Got permission, which, frankly, surprised me more than anything, and took him out and gave him the go-ahead (if you’ll pardon the expression.) That kid had to go. I, with more practice and a bigger bladder, would have been in agony.

I told him what a SUPER DELUXE AWESOME BIG BOY JOB he’d done and returned him to Dad.

There are such small things you can do in the world. For the record, little boy, I know you’re being raised partially by a fireman in Tennessee, who seems to be somewhat behind the curve, as regards child development, and I don’t know what challenges you’ll face. I hope this was the worst one, and it’s clear sailing from here. The nice lady who helped you was a heathen liberal from the North. When someone tells you they’re bad, well, we’re not. I’ll be holding the good thought for you.

And, two pieces of advice.

Don’t panic, little dude. And carry your towel.

Happy Towel Day.


I know you’ve missed me.

But, some days is like that. 😉

We’ve been mostly college visiting and getting the gardens ready for Spring.

We’ve visited Swarthmore, Haverford, Princeton, Goucher, Dickinson, Sarah Lawrence, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Rutgers and Oberlin, in addition to Bryn Mawr.

Le sigh. 😀

College Visit 1, Bryn Mawr

So, here we go.

First college visit was to Bryn Mawr, a small liberal arts college on the Main Line outside Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr is a woman’s college, one of the original Seven Sisters, and the closest one to us. It remains a Women’s college, is noted for its academic rigor and supportive alumnae network, and, importantly for us, had tours and info sessions available on Friday, Tegan’s only day without college classes.

Steve took the day off from work to manage the homeschooling while Tegan and I had our field-trip. 🙂

I got SLIGHTLY lost, which meant we weren’t the requested 10 minutes early, but the tour, with our guide Leah, departed on time. There were 2 Juniors with Mom, one probably Junior with Mom, and one transfer student with buddy on our tour.

Leah, somewhat unseasonably dressed, was preparing for a research presentation later in the day. She set the tone for students we met at Bryn Mawr. They all seemed extremely capable, centered, and a bit type A. It was a very through tour, with explanations of the system whereby they share academic resources with other area colleges, a look at classrooms, dormitory rooms (lovely), science labs, the career counseling center (which happened to have a display up of individual research projects, very impressive), the fitness center, and theme dorms and traditional buildings. We learned a lot about Bryn Mawr’s heritage and traditions, as well as their current opportunities.

On our way to the dorm

Too cute, I thought. 🙂

In the great hall. We snuck back, later.

We followed our tour by a small group talk by Peaches, from Admissions, ably assisted by Liriana, a chemistry major with an interest in dance. It also was very informative, I recommend it.

When this had concluded, we were still a little early for our “Lunch With a Current Student,” but they sent two students who worked in admissions to lunch early. By this time we were down to the two Juniors with Mom. Awkwardly enough, they did NOT have a plan to feed moms. This would have been a crisis for me under usual circumstances, but I happened to have a little cash left over from the Florida trip, so was able to unpocket $10.25 and be fed.

I’m a terrible food snob, but it was excellent, even by my exacting standards – including plenty of vegetarian and vegan food.

However, the great aspect of the lunch was the presence of our new student hostesses, Liz and Mia. These personable young women answered snoopy questions, discussed their research, and laughed over their memories with great aplomb. They added to our rapidly expanding list of impressive representatives of Bryn Mawr.

I took no pictures of peoples’ personal space or students, other than our tour group. It was a lovely day.

Seeing the cloister area.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. First of….?

College-visiting gal gets home. 🙂