A Day in the Life (sponsored by Mountain Dew Throwback)


Got this idea from Jamie’s blog-hop at   http://www.forloveofcupcakes.com

from a post by Lacey, at http://www.thesouthernmommychronicles.com

who says she got it from Sarah at http://www.nurselovesfarmer.com

who was inspired (I understand) by Jill, at http://www.babyrabies.com/

Which means several things, including that I will add to my list of things I don’t do enough (which now prominently includes exercise, clean, and have dinner with Mario Lopez) reading blogs. Because reading ANYTHING runs second to laundry and homeschooling.

But I thought I’d try it, explaining a few things first.


Our homeschool curriculum emphasizes sustainability, as a primary focus. Among the things we did for that was go 12 months without heating or cooling (except for fans, and such.) It’s been interesting. And we’re now in the stage where we’re installing really ecological systems, but we’ve been working on passive solar this summer. AND one of the things we’re doing is building solar heaters, for the chicken coop and porch, to see how four season we can get them.

So, the win for the kids was (because I may be crunchy granola, but I also know marketing) that I BOUGHT SODA-POP.

And they may DRINK soda-pop (about 5 cans a week, per kid) because I’m building the solar heaters out of soda cans. We need LOTS. We’ve been doing this since June, and have really no place to store soda cans, because, well, I have no place to store anything. 😀

So. Bonus points for spotting all the soda cans. I decided I wanted to share this, even with the mess. Please leave links to your day in the life post in the comments. 😉

Steve took this just before he woke me. 7:10

Girls sleeping. Trundle beds. 8:10

sleeping boys. Bunk beds 8:10

Good morning, Chichester 9:10

He's training this chicken. 9:10

Solar heater. Scavenged window frame & insulation 10:10

The school day begins. 11:10

Or continues, as the case may be. 11:10

part-time college girl at drop-off 12:10

Computer work. 1:10

Saw a cardinal. 2:10

measuring for the insulation 3:10

college boy drops by for change of clothes before ballet 4:10

Daddy's home! 5:10

Taco Bell before YMCA youth group 6:10

No day is complete without a trip to the craft store 7:10

A Star Wars model! 8:10

Even big kids do homework 9:10

cookies & milk during read-aloud 10:10

All Pooh-ed Out. 11:10

Foot rub! 12:10










In this light, this man looks JUST like Mario Lopez. 😉