Wordless Wednesday 7

Legos are awesome. My house had solar panels and foam on the waves.


Wordless Wednesday 6

Fruit eating bat at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney has amazing botany and wildlife, as well as sociology, history, science and culture.

Happy Halloween.

Wordless Wednesday 5

Sugar Ray was playing at Epcot tonight. Mark McGrath w/cowbell

One of the wonderful things about Disney is the number of times you walk into something not previously an idea. Like a free concert by Sugar Ray. Where Mark McGrath played cowbell and gave a shout-out to, of course, Christopher Walken.


Countdown to Beach Club Villas

We are only a few days away from our next trip to Disney World!

Which means, everyone is VERY excited, except for those of us trying to tie up loose ends before. 😉 {Okay, maybe we’re excited, too.}

The Expedition Everest ride from our favorite Animal Kingdom lunch spot

We’re going to celebrate the birthday of middle son, 14,

This international program CM taught him a Mancala game

but we’ll land during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, which has its nice elements. And we’re staying at the entirely awesome Beach Club Villas, part of the Yacht and Beach resort complex.

Disney World, for those who haven’t been, recently, is darned enormous. We go a couple of times a year, but usually without park tickets. I recommend that.

book, novel, beach chair, check!

painting china. Disney World resorts rock!

If Disney service and theming was available closer, I’d go more often… even without Mickey Mouse and Splash Mountain. But we DO have park tickets this year, so we’ll have to split our time between the many amenities of the resort, our favorite activities at OTHER resorts, and a few excursions into the parks.

And we do it cheaply…

Think I should post about that? 😉

End of day, by the castle

A Post to let you know about Disney

leaving Animal Kingdom, ready for more

which is our ‘other home’ according to the children.

For me, it’s the super awesome place where I can really admire someone else’s gardening, live in immaculate surroundings, and never attend a meeting where I have to take notes.

Well, I can take notes if I want to. 😉

Anyway, I have a page up connected to my “About” and doubtless many posts coming, but I wanted to give you a heads-up.