Fried Tomatoes & fried tomato gravy.


You need tomatoes, something to fry them in, oil, flour or Bisquick, and milk, bread, butter if you make the gravy. Seasoning is optional.

1.Slice the tomatoes. If they’re beautiful & firm, they’ll do for fried tomatoes. If you have to cut bits out, you’re set for gravy.

2. Dredge in flour or Bisquick. You can season the flour if you want, but it isn’t necessary. If you do, experiment with seasoned salt, italian seasoning, or some such.

3.Fry in a pan in olive or some light oil.

4. Turn over & fry the other side.

5. Remove to plate.

6. For gravy, put a little flour in the remaining oil and slide your most fragile tomatoes back in.

7. Chop them roughly with the spatula.

8. Slowly pour in milk, while stirring. This is a white sauce with tomato bits.

9. Serve over toast or bread, with a pat of butter, if you like.

tomatoes. fried

Fried tomato gravy. On bread. With butter.